Sergio Herrera is a Mexican-American writer/director based in Los Angeles, CA.

With a raw and bold cinematic style, he fearlessly explores real humanist stories, delving deep into the core of each narrative. His dreamy and soulful visuals, viewed through his signature surrealist lens, create a universal language that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. In his artistic pursuits, he often pays homage to his Mexican roots. 

His directorial career began in 2017 and since then, he has directed narrative shorts, music videos, commercials, branded content, and documentaries, including one currently in the festival circuit titled, Say Goodbye Before You Leave, a film about the cutthroat food truck industry as two family members risk their jobs to start a small business amid a pandemic. Currently, he is in pre-production for his next music video, Baby, Are You Down For Me?  by Oliver Slime.

He enjoys eating pasta, photography, Bossa nova, and window shopping Japanese minimalist furniture in his spare time.